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At Rhythm of life Adult Day Program you won’t be met with shame, guilt, or condemnation. No matter what you’ve been through or what questions you might have, we are a place where you’ll find grace, mercy, and forgiveness available for everyone.


To equip all with the proper tools needed to successfully support those with “Developmental Disabilities” in the home and community to live successful healthy inclusive lives.


Supporting those with “Developmental Disabilities,” enabling them to live, learn and experience life enhancing activities.


To create programs that will support the continual mental, physical, and intellectual growth of those with “Developmental Disabilities.”



Rhythm Of Life Adult Day Program is a day program developed for those individuals with developmental disabilities and special needs

The goal of Rhythm Of Life Adult Day Program.

Music and Art, as we know, has the most power influence on us. Genius has been demonstrated and fortunes made in its provision and performance. It pervades every part of our culture.

Singing, dancing, painting, playing musical instruments — seem as essential to life as eating or sleeping. Apart from which they may not literally, but perhaps spiritually, die.

People often speak, anecdotally, of how much happier they are when they are able to perform, and many will tell you how much healthier they have become since beginning to sing, dance, paint, or play an instrument. Likewise, for those with developmental disabilities.

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